Everyone is talking about content marketing.

Even 94% of small start-ups, 93% of B2Bs, and 77% of B2Cs say they adopt content marketing strategies for their business; that’s nearly everybody.

Unfortunately, there’s an issue. Just because every business is doing content marketing does not mean that they are getting it right. According to a study by CMI, only 9 percent of B2B marketers believe that their content marketing activities are “very effective”. This simply means that all this talk about doing content marketing is amounting to wasted efforts…a nd money.

So there’s a disconnect between what businesses are doing, and what’s really working for them. Here are some common reasons why.

  1. No Refined Strategy

In order to conduct a successful marketing campaign, you need a good strategy. It would surprise you how many businesses today don’t have a strategy for their content marketing.

If there is a strategy, is it being executed? Any strategy –even a poor one—is better than none at all. At least with a poor strategy, there’s planning and consideration behind it–and there’s room for improvement. An approach with no strategy means you keep wasting your time and money and destroying your brand. A good strategy is essential for content marketing success.

  1. Inadequate Budget

You get what you pay for.

This doesn’t mean pumping volumes of cash into an uncoordinated project. There has to be some direction and accountability for each methodically-planned step. Companies who spend sufficiently on their strategic marketing will naturally grow their markets faster than those who don’t. If you want to see great results in your content marketing, then be willing to spend enough money.

  1. No Content Promotion

The fastest way to kill your content marketing is to leave it cold at content creation. See, it’s no use having rave ideas and concepts and expecting your customers to simply ‘find’ it. Content marketing isn’t about creating content alone, but actively promoting that content to the right people, through the appropriate channels. The key word here is “actively”. Content marketing may be broken into two equal parts:

  • Content creation
  • Content promotion

Promoting content is just as important as creating it.

  1. Bad Content Creation

Some content doesn’t quite hit the mark. This is as a result of little or no research, and in order to produce great content, you need to study your audience and understand what makes them tick. Find out the things that inspire them, affect them, and what language they speak etc. Of course, it also helps to have some really creative people on your team –or a partner agency like Royal Pavilion— who know how to convert that insight into interesting content. Here are some tips to improve your content.

  1. Poor SEO

If you want to excel in your online campaigns, you must combine your content marketing with good SEO techniques. A complementary relationship of the two will bring you quick positive results. If you have been combining content marketing with poor SEO, you might as well not have been creating any content. It will be difficult for your customers to find.

Tip: If your SEO is inadequate, hire an SEO specialist to help drive your content to visibility.