The online business space is a dynamic terrain that requires that you are digitally savvy and constantly updating yourself on the latest tools and techniques to keep your brand visible, attractive and profitable to its target audiences.

Right before you achieve that you’ll also need to get your SEO strategy right, measure and monitor web metrics and explore essential tools and resources that can potentially give you leverage in the fast-spaced online market-space.

Generally, as an entrepreneur you have a lot of responsibilities on your plate from the first day of operation — right from hiring the right employees, mapping out and executing an effective branding and marketing strategy to dealing with finances.

It can be sometimes overwhelming and a lot of stress juggling all those responsibilities; but that’s if you fail to take advantage of some useful website resources and tools below that can help make your brand competitive and appealing to its market.

Make your website mobile friendly

Compared to the desktop, smartphones may look small but they’re becoming more and more the most favorite device to connect with the rest of the world on the Internet by web user.

What’s more? Despites its size, consumers expect to get the same user experience browsing on it as the desktop. It therefore becomes necessary to ensure your site is responsive, which means your website design is done in such a way that it will automatically adjust to the screen size of any device it is being viewed on.

Mobile responsiveness is no longer an option, but rather a necessity if you’re serious about your online business branding and want to meaningfully connect with your target market. This is why it is also paramount that you engage a good web host with the right and latest tool makes your website mobile friendly, easy to design by your web designer and promises great user experience.

One good example of a reputable, credible and reliable web host is Umbrellar. They promise every client to “go over and above to take care of your business online. “

F urther on this point, you will do well to study the peculiar lifestyles and pattern of daily activity of the regular or targeted visitors to your site, know when they may be commuting and what they most likely will want to read about at that time, and as such provide them with the right content.

Track your web metrics with Google Analytics

With web users and visitors analytics tools like the free-to-use Google Analytics, you can track vital statistics about your most important site visitors. It will give you an insight into the browsing behaviour of the average web user and other key web information, like referral traffic, top pages, and visitors’ most searched keywords.

Split testing and conversions

Understanding A/B testing is very important for every digital entrepreneur serious about conversion. E-commerce sites are mostly in need of this important tool, but it is equally vital for any site that wants visitors to do certain things.

For example, a law firm site that wants people to sign up for free consultations may run a split testing to indentify the specific colour, layout design or written copy style that attracts people to want book an appointment. This tool is also free with Google.

Use Mailchimp for email marketing

To reach more of your target market, you can’t limit yourself to the constraints of social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. It is imperative to explore the email medium which is a more personalized marketing medium and gives you greater control for business success.

One of the best tools for your email marketing plan is Mailchimp. It is free and the easiest to use for greenhorns.

Create and manage a blog

Some digital entrepreneurs don’t want to hear about this and think it’s too much hardwork churning out technical, useful and audience-relevant information week after week.

But the gains outweigh whatever discouraging consideration. It offers your brand so much value, gives it an authoritative personality, as well as human face that naturally attracts audiences.

Besides, blogging about your business and related matters will improve your website’s Google ranking for certain keywords, and potentially drive traffic to your site.

The social media is always good for you

Many digital businesses are not convinced the social media is a good advertisement tool for their brand. But that’s untrue. In fact, the reverse is what holds true: social media is good for business.

However, the success of your branding and marketing efforts on social media depends on your business niche and whether you’re using the appropriate social media platform best fit for it.

As a general rule, LinkedIn is best for business to business (B2B) companies, while Facebook works best for business to consumers (B2C) firms, although there are a few B2B businesses that have found Facebook a profitable advertising platform.

Use Fiverr & Elance for quick freelance needs

Do you need a good logo design for your brand? Do you want a digital assistant to help you plan your daily activities and think through a myriad of things to do to get your business running smoothly? Do you require a professionally written and SEO-strategic piece that needs to be urgently posted on the web?

You may not need to set up a long hiring process. Simply visit freelance sites like Fiverr or Elance, post your project, state your requirements and soon you’ll have countless professionals from all around the globe bidding for it. You can even run a competition for your design project.

The gig starts at 5$, but you’ll definitely get superb quality if you choose carefully and hire the right freelancer.