Promoting your content with social media can be time-consuming. Even though you know you should be doing it, it takes more effort than it seems. You can easily get caught up in it and whittle away more time than you intend.

During a typical busy day, there are more important things that require your attention than posting on Facebook or checking your user engagement.

Even if you decide to pause what you are doing to rush and make a post, you may lose your train of thought by the time you come back to what you’re working on. It might take you twice as long to get back mentally.

Since you can’t afford not to be on Social Media, you may as well find a way to do it with less time and without affecting your productivity.

The following tips will allow you do twice as much on social media in half the time.


Create a time for social media on your calendar. This should be when you focus solely on social media. An hour or two a day, depending on your schedule, that you dedicate entirely to social media. Schedule your message to go out at that time and engage with your audience.

Ideally, the time you schedule should be the time when your customers are most likely to engage with your content. There are industry best practices that you can easily look up depending on your niche and demographics.

You can also choose this time to look at your metrics and see how well you are doing or what you need to change. This is usually called listening and you can schedule this once a week.

Scheduling will make you more organized and increase your output, which will create better engagement.

Collect Interesting Content

One of the most time consuming aspects of social media is finding what to post or share. As you go through your day, you may come across relevant contents that are interesting you may want to share. Bookmark them and file them somewhere you can easily reach for them.

If you’re researching and something comes to mind you intend to share, write it down too. It’s best to schedule contents for a week in advance.

You can also create a special time for content discovery. This article has ideas on how to find great contents to share.

But of course, the bulk of what you should share should be your own articles or informative pictures. If you’re interested in generating leads with your website, it’s best you only share teasers and link to your website.

Share Your Content More than Once

You don’t always need to create a new content or find something new to post. You can share the same content more than once and reach users who did not see it the first time. Also, users who ignored it the first time might decide to engage with it when they see it again.

Another way is to share the same link but with a different teaser. You can share them weeks apart or months apart or days apart. This post shows how to re-share your post effectively.