The lifeblood of any online business is the traffic it generates.

Regardless of the presence of other appealing elements on the site like a great web design or rich contents, if they’re not strategically positioned to attract the right volume and quality of traffic, the site will lose value.

organic traffic is always priority for blogs and digital enterprises, because without it, there will no leads, no sales, and no income. But despite this fact, targeted traffic remains a huge challenge to most digital entrepreneurs, as Google Analytics return poor traffic data time after time. If this sounds so much like your experience, you’re not alone in that quandary.

In fact, statistics show that of the approximate 164 million blogs on the web, only about 30% get more than 5,000 visitors every month.

There are several reasons why your web traffic report can be abysmal (most of which will be discussed below), but one major factor is not publishing the right content.

And what is the right content? You ask. It is one that naturally triggers the attention and sustained interest of your target audience; generate traffic and leads and, very importantly, results in sales of the product, service, brand or message.

It is the kind of content that Google takes note of and ranks high on SERPs. It is the type of contents that brands you and your site as an industry or niche authority or expert that audiences can trust for the right solution to their problems.

With consistent production of strategically crafted, high quality and target audience-relevant contents, you have a solid base to build your online business. And that changes everything…

It’s also important you chose a webhost such as Umbrellar that is not just committed to giving you an online presence but will also “be there to guide you, increase your resources or to refine your set-up in response to changes in your business.”

B ut that’s not all. It’s only the main course on the menu. You need to complement and boost that effort with these equally key traffic-boosting tricks and techniques.

  • Find social influencers and thought leaders in your niche and prioritize them

Industry influencers always have large followership both offline and online, and when you’re in the online business, you’ll do well to leverage on that opportunity to generate traffic.

This means a single industry influencer or thought leader on the web equals a mass of followers and admirers. So, while you may study and find the right content for each member of your demographics, the lifestyle and idiosyncrasies of a social influencer or thought leader will give you a good idea of the kind of contents that can generate that unique traffic to your site.

You can also send such persons in your industry email interview request and post them. You’d be surprised they’d e willing to speak if your site has a good reputation. They will also share the contents on all their social media handles, and so boost your web traffic.

  • Focus on your on-page SEO

Sadly, some people think SEO strategies have lost their relevance. Wrong! They’re still very valuable, worth the while and favoured by Google algorithms. Always make sure to optimize contents for on-page SEO. Use quality internal links, take time to craft brilliant and attention-grabbing headlines, write meta descriptions as well and watch your organic traffic get a big boost.

  • Guest Blog and invite others to blog on your site also

Guest blogging on a reputable site will potentially boost traffic t your website and transform your online brand. So, work at securing a good one and get committed to it.

Guest blogging works well for traffic generation when it is a two-way strategy. Just as you secure a guest blogging gig on other website, also invite other reputable authors to blog on your site too. Just as you will very likely share your posts on other blogs, they too will share their posts on your blogs, which would generate new readers to your site.

Just make sure your contents are high quality, relevant and original.

  • Always study and apply your analytics data

Google Analytics is an important asset that lets you see and understand the pattern, behaviours and trend of your site visitors. You should always take time to study the generated data and apply the information when developing strategies for your brand or product promotions and marketing campaigns. Keep an eye to the posts and pages that drive the most traffic and where it is mostly coming from.

  • Stay active on social media

Be social and encourage your audience to share your contents on social media. But don’t simply stop at that; you need to be active on the right social media channels too. Join in group discussions on Twitter with relevant hashtags, respond to comments on Facebook, and be prompt, civil, engaging and satisfactory with your responses questions and concerns.

  • Build an email list and automate your emails

Marketing emails and newsletters are an important tools to reach a large section of your target audiences in a more personal, and professional manner. And there are several useful email automation tools on the web such as MailChimp, Autopilot and Hatchbuck to help you with this objective.