Over 90% of businesses use content marketing to promote their business. In recent years its efficacy has been proven, and even the skeptics have been converted.

But the truth is, despite the wide acceptance, not many businesses are succeeding with it or doing it correctly. And some businesses do not even know if their content marketing effort is achieving any results or bringing in a positive ROI, because nothing is being tracked.

A survey by Content Marketing Institute indicated that only 9% of B2B marketers believe that their content marketing effort is effective.

This piece will attempt to provide reasons why content marketing has not been effective for a lot of businesses.

Undocumented Strategy

If you do not have your strategy documented, you don’t have any strategy. You are just wasting resources creating content and hoping something sticks. Tracking your results is a requisite of a good strategy. If you are not tracking, you are not doing it correctly.

Among businesses that are unsuccessful with content marketing, only 11% had a documented strategy, while for those that are successful, up to 66% had a documented strategy.

It’s one thing to have a strategy, and it’s another to follow through on it. If things are not successful you know what is not working and what you need to change. You also gain insights as to what is working, and what can be improved.

Part of developing a strategy -a good strategy – is that you include measurable indices and goals that will allow you track the successes and failures of your effort.

You learn how to improve and what to fix, which means that your strategy is a living, breathing document that changes with your goals and how well you are reaching key performance indices.

Just publishing content or running a blog is not a strategy. A strategy takes your audience, brand, ROI and revenue generation into account.

You are not Marketing

There is a reason why it’s called content marketing and not content publishing. It’s not enough to create awesome content and publish it and hope that you will start getting organic traffic eventually or that Google will bless your effort with traffic.

It doesn’t work that way.

You have to create good content and then market it. Both parts of the process are equally important. It is also crucial that you have a suitable budget for content marketing.

Content marketing is not cheap but it is worth it. Whereas you will need about $373 to generate leads with traditional marketing effort, you will need just $143 with content marketing. In terms of return on investment, email marketing has 4,300% ROI.

You need to market your best contents to get the result you seek.

Poor delivery environment

Your content may be one of the best but if the delivery system makes consumption a chore, goals will not be met. This means you should always ensure that your hosting plan is the fastest possible for example, and embracing cloud hosting if it’s not. Umbrellar Cloud Hosting is a good option.

Consider changing up delivery formats and fonts as well to make content consumption easier.

Creating Poor Content

It goes without saying that you need to create engaging content that will keep your readers hooked if you want the users to come back for more or for the user to take the action you want.

Not all content is created equally. The approach should also reflect your goals.

For instance, the way a copywriter, like Pavilion Copywriting, would approach content production is not the same way an academic professor approaching the same content. If you want your reader to take the desired action, such as to join your newsletter or buy a product, a copywriter is your best bet.

The truth is that there are other factors that contribute to your success that is not readily under your control. For example, you may be in a tough niche, or in a niche where your customers are not online or have varied interest difficult to target online. I may also be that you have a very dominant competitor with a budget and presence you can’t compete with.

However, there are smart strategies with which you can compete with such competitors or handle other challenges. But for the majority of marketers, the tips in this article if implemented, will definitely improve their results over time.